Connect. Automate. Send. 

Design your campaigns flexibly according to your ideas and easily connect e-mail campaigns with your landing pages and then address them individually again.


Configure automated processes

Integrated workflows help you get the most out of your campaigns and automate tedious processes and procedures in a meaningful way.


Set up an email campaign

Set up automated e-mail campaigns and target the desired target group.


Connecting the landing page

Integrate your landing page and inspire with high-quality content.


Synchronize leads

Win new customers or subscribers and request further information.


Playing Out Segmented Campaigns

Connect June to the CRM with just a few clicks and have all the information in all systems.

"Flexible designs, intuitive operation, regular updates, great support - some of the reasons we chose JUNE."

Manuela Witty, CRM & Owned Media (Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH)


Building dynamic campaigns

We want to make your life as easy as possible and have therefore developed the Workflow Builder, which allows you to easily connect individual objects with each other.


Select an object

Make use of a large number of existing objects and thus precisely map your requirements with just a few clicks.


Link actions

There are no limits to the logic of the objects and they can easily be connected to each other.


Design integrated campaigns

Build fully integrated campaigns that can be automatically played out on all terminal devices and formats.


Start directly with complete workflows

We have already provided you with the best workflows so that you don't have to search long and get an initial idea in the implementation phase.


Send email confirmation

Order confirmation

Personalise email

New order

Transfer data via API

E-Commerce Servicemails

Maintain and send your e-commerce service emails without any technical effort

Appointment confirmation

Send email confirmation

CRM comparison

Transferring data via API

Landing Page Signup

Submit form data

Demo Signup

Collect leads directly from our forms, cross-reference the data with your existing CRM, and provide lead feedback.


Push Message senden

Profile Notification

Personalise email

Update profile info

Read profile data

Weekly Update

Time-controlled action

Profile Notification

Inform your users with relevant content at defined time intervals


Send email message

Shopping Cart Message

Personalise email

Load Products

Update product data

Shopping Cart Update

Transfer data via API

Canceled shopping cart

Send your customers a discount campaign for products that have been in their shopping cart for a long time.

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