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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) for marketing professionals who value structure.

Create a comprehensive and consistent customer profile that can be used to better understand and interact with your clientele.

JUNE collects your customers' data in one central location and creates detailed customer profiles by combining data. The profiles can include information about customer behavior, preferences, demographic characteristics, purchase history, and more.

How Marketers Use JUNE

Collect, Unify & Manage Data Sets

Lead Generation

Email List Management

Segmentation of Customer Groups

Creation of Personalized 
Email Campaigns

Manage Customer Data Clearly

After visitors:inside have filled out a form, the automatic storage of their data in JUNE takes place. Here you have the possibility to manage, edit or delete the user information. It is very easy to import customer data or export it as a CSV file. If you already use a Customer Data Platform, your customer data can be transferred to external platforms in real time!

Address Customers Personally

Use your customer data to send personalized newsletters to your subscribers that match their individual interests. By using segmentation techniques, you can divide your customers into smaller groups, which makes it possible to ensure targeted addresses and the sending of relevant content. In addition, you can include a personal greeting with the customer's first name in the emails or in the subject line.

Build Attractive Forms

Thanks to the easy-to-use form generator, designing forms for your website is simplified. With a wide range of predefined fields, including name, email address, comments, date selection and smart drop-down lists, you can easily create both simple and more sophisticated forms.

Generate New Leads

The form builder allows you to seamlessly integrate attractive forms into your websites. Use the multiple design options to create sign-up forms for newsletters and contests as well as contact forms that match your corporate design. The collected data is automatically stored in JUNE and can be easily managed thanks to the user-friendly interface. In addition, there is the possibility of integration with external CRM systems such as Salesforce.

All Advantages at a Glance

Connection to External CDP's
Custom Integrations
Neat CDP Interface
Import & Export of Customer Data
Wide-ranging Segmentation Options
Easily Embed Forms in Websites
Increase Your Leads
Clear Management of Customer Data