Video Landing Page Tutorials

Step by step, we support you in designing your landing pages and web shops. Our short tutorials show you clear instructions as well as tips and tricks around the JUNE editor: from the header to the footer.



The first step is to install a landing page template. Decide whether you want to start with an already designed template or with a blank template.



Landing Page Editor

Before you start designing your website, we will show you the structure of the JUNE editor. Learn how to switch modules and projects, how to upload images and how to use layers.




Setting up styles is an essential step before designing your emails. With the help of the style guide, you can define fonts, colour codes and font sizes. You can design buttons and style headlines.




You are now ready to start designing your website. For an optimal first impression, add a large image with a descriptive section and an exciting CTA button.




You can use the navigation to list subpages or specific product pages. The editor offers different functions, such as creating a dropdown menu. Get to know the different possibilities.




Grids help you to structure your content. The individual grid items function like columns. Images as well as texts with headlines and buttons can be displayed in these columns.




To work faster, you can favour styled components that you use frequently. Thus, it is possible to reuse designs at any time. 




Building forms is an essential step in creating successful websites. Forms help you generate leads and acquire new customers. For example, offer your users to subscribe to your newsletter.




In the last step of designing, you build a footer. This area is displayed at the bottom of each landing page. Here you list the logo, the most important subpages and your social media profiles.