Video Email Tutorials

Step by step we support you in designing your emails. Our short tutorials show you clear instructions as well as tips and tricks around the JUNE Editor: from the header to the footer.


Install E-Mail Templates

The first step is to install an email template. Decide whether you want to start with an already designed template or with a blank template.


Operating the e-mail editor

Before you start designing your emails, we will show you the structure of the JUNE Editor. Learn how to switch modules and projects, how to upload images and what layers are.


Set up styles

Setting up the styles is an essential step before designing your emails. Here you store fonts, color codes and font sizes. You can design buttons and style headlines.


Add Header & Logo

We start with a blank template. First, add a descriptive image and place your logo. Don't forget to use an effective CTA button.


Create grids

Grids help you to structure your content. The individual grid items function like columns. Images as well as texts with headlines and buttons can be displayed in these columns.


Add products

Do you run an online shop? Learn here how to integrate your products into your emails with just a few clicks. In addition to the email editor, you can also use the automation module.


Build Footer

In the last step of the design, you build a footer. This area is displayed at the bottom of the email. This is where you list the address and phone number and link to social media accounts.