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Landing Pages

The Sitemap

Using the JUNE Sitemap, subpages can be easily created and linked, and important SEO measures can be carried out.


Subpages like “Contact”, “Imprint”, “About Us” are needed by almost everyone. With the sitemap, you can easily create subpages. Each subpage can be named, edited, published or deleted at a time. 


With the right side of the sitemap, you determine SEO measures like keywords and descriptions. Add preview images, authors, a slug for the URL and for links. 

How to

Add Subpages

  1. Select the landing page icon on the left menu bar and then click “Sitemap”.
  2. Select the subpage (e.g., your home page), select “Actions” and “Add Subpage”.
  3. A subpage has now been created.
  4. On the right side you can now add a title, slug as well as SEO measures. 
  5. Press “Save” to save your changes. 

Next Tutorial


In the final steps, you'll learn how to make sure your landing pages work smoothly. If everything fits so far, nothing can stop you from publishing your website.