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The JUNE Editor offers a wide range of various animation options. No technical experience is needed. Discover numerous possibilities and add them to your landing page.  




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How to

Create Animations

  1. Select a grid item or a container of your landing page so that the components' menu opens up. Now click 'Animations'.
  2. Animation Type: Select one out of seven suitable animations.
  3. Animation Strength: Define the intensity of the animation. The movements can be selected in different strengths.
  4. Trigger: Triggers serve as initiators for your animation. An animation can be triggered in two ways: as soon as the component is completely visible or as soon as only a minimal area of the component is visible.
  5. Timing function: The selected animation can be performed with different intensities from the beginning to the end.
  6. Duration: Set the duration or speed of the animation.
  7. Delay: Especially if the animation is triggered as soon as a small area of the component is visible, it is important to specify a minimum delay. This ensures that the animation will be seen by every user.
  8. Iterations: Finally, you can choose if your animation should be played once, multiple times or infinitely.

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