A Simple Start


Template Store

The Template Store is a great support for your creative work. Pre-made templates can be easily installed. Collect inspirations and let your creativity flow.

Pre-designed Templates

Find inspiration and help in designing your landing page at Template Store. Discover the selection of various ready-to-use templates. Once you find a template that suits your needs, you can customize colours, fonts, and your content.

Blank Template

Don't need any creative assistance? Start with a blank template to experience the full creative freedom. Build individual sections, add custom components, choose your own web fonts and live out your creativity.

How to

How To Install Templates From The Template Store

  1. Click on the Template Store icon in the main menu to open up the Template Store.
  2. Click “Newsletter” and choose a pre-made template that fits your brand. If you can't decide, the Blank template might be suitable. Once you select a template, a new menu will open automatically. 
  3. Name the template and select the associated project to find the template faster in the future. 
  4. Install the template.

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The Basics

Customize your website to the style of your brand in the JUNE Editor. Learn the basics like drag & drop and the basic structure of the editor.