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The Content

Stay creative! Adding Google Fonts or custom fonts will make websites look visually appealing. The text editor offers easy handling for your written content.

Text Editor

The Text Editor offers you an easy handling around the design of your texts. Here you can select character styles, text colours, spacing, and text types like paragraph or any headlines.


Before you start customizing your content via Text Editor, the most important presets are operated in the Styles menu. Here you can select custom colours, different text sizes per text type and font styles. This makes it easier to work with the Text Editor.


Get creative with our wide selection of Google Fonts! In the Styles menu, you can also add a specific Google Font to each text type. These will be automatically saved in the email. Of course, you can also add your own custom fonts via URL.

How to

Use Google Fonts

  1. Go to the Styles menu and select 'Font' at the top bar.
  2. Click Add so that the Open Sans setting is listed below.
  3. Within this setting, select 'Google Fonts'.
  4. Select an optional Font Category and your desired font.
  5. Click on 'Save' to save your entries.
  6. Now click on 'Styles' in the upper bar and then on 'Headlines' or 'Text'. Here you will find all text styles.
  7. Select any text type. Under 'Custom Font Family' you can now select your previously selected Google Fonts per text type.
  8. Now you can select your saved Google Font with the Text Editor.

How to

Add Font Format

  1. Go to the Styles menu and select 'Font Format' at the top bar. All text styles are listed here.
  2. Select any text type you want.
  3. Click the + and click 'New Style'.
  4. In this menu you are now able to make specific adjustments such as Line Height, Font Weight and Text Transform.
  5. Click on 'Save' to save your settings.
  6. With the Text Editor, you can now select your own style instead of 'Default style'. Your saved changes will automatically be displayed.

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