How To: Web Push Notifications

Push notifications on smartphones are familiar to everyone: platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber and email clients send daily messages to pull us into their apps. You can now easily integrate this principle of App Push Notifications into your marketing campaigns without using an app. With Web Push Notifications you can achieve the same benefits as Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.

Written by Hannah Krüger

5 Tips For Effective Web Push Notifications

In addition to classic e-mail marketing, you can reach your users in real time with Web Push Notifications, which not only increases click rates but also conversions. Web Push Notifications are supported by all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) as well as all end devices.


How Do Web Push Notifications Work?

A visitor activates the tool with one click as soon as your website is opened. Automated messages are sent via the browser to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It does not matter whether the customer is on your website or on another page. To receive notifications, all you need to do is open the browser. Through exciting content, the user clicks on the listed Call-to-Action button, which leads to your website.


Which advantages are there?

  • Direct customer contact
  • Permanent registration
  • Notices of news
  • Increase in traffic and click rates


With The Following 5 Tips You Will Get The Most Out Of Your Web Push Notifications

1. Opt-in optimization

You can determine yourself when a user can activate your Web Push Notifications. Choose the time so that it fits your content. For example, the opt-in process can start as soon as your website is opened, an order is completed, or after a user has registered. Although no customer data (except user ID and browser) is stored, it is recommended to ask for further information from the interested parties. Customer information such as age, gender, or the specification of topic preferences enables us to deliver more targeted and personalized content.


2. Increase the click rates

Invest enough time in the design and content of your Push Notifications. If your Push Notification appears serious and relevant, it is more likely that the CTA button will appear clicked, which will generate more traffic to your website. When designing your website, always remember to include your logo, an image matching the content and headline, the CTA button and, if applicable, emojis.


3. Choose the perfect timing

Not only the design and advertising messages are important for the success of your push notifications. If there is no interaction with your notifications, this may be due to the wrong time of sending. Your target group consists mainly of private individuals? Send your discount promotions and news on Saturday or Sunday at noon. For business customers, we recommend sending on working days, especially in the morning or evening.


4. Conversion optimization

Design your notifications so that all content or advertising messages are only teased. By pressing the CTA button, interested parties can access further information on deals, discount campaigns and other news. Thus, your Web Push Notifications remain exciting and relevant. The sending of coupon codes is also suitable for maximizing conversions and maintaining customer loyalty. To do this, simply store the voucher link as a target link. More exciting contents:


  • Start of the sale
  • Current bestsellers
  • New in the range
  • Topic of the day
  • Newsfeed (notification when a product is available again, impending sell-out, new articles, etc.)

5. In the right place at the right time

With the help of automated workflows, you address your users in the right context. Create automated trigger campaigns to get the most out of your Web Push Notifications and save time. Examples of trigger campaigns:


  • Provide tips and tutorials while using the software

  • Welcome after registration

  • Ask for an evaluation after delivery of the goods
  • Present similar or matching products

Remember: Sending daily notifications is not a must. Web Push Notifications are annoying to your users and can lead to logouts. Deliver only the content that is truly exciting and relevant to your target audience. In this way you build trust and new customer loyalty.


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