Our Mission

What Drives Us

We want to build a great software that allows companies to display digital content perfectly and thus help them represent their brand in the best possible way.

Driven by the desire for maximum flexibility in design, we have developed JUNE and continue to improve it every day.


We want to give our customers the tools to turn ideas and campaigns into reality in the shortest possible time.


About our founder, Henning Borchers.


Henning loves user-centric software. The focus is on simple usability and integration into existing systems. 


He has been developing professional applications for Facelift, Warner Music, CocaCola and Sony for more than 15 years. He always uses the latest technologies to make JUNE even better every day. His passion is the creation of fantastic user experiences. In his spare time, Henning is an ambitious kite surfer and a sought-after speaker on the latest technologies in software development.


    Active In More Than 20 Countries

    > 1,000 Active Users

    Founded In 2015