How TASCHEN Increased Openings And Conversions


Conversion Rate Increase


Faster Creation Of Email Marketing Campaigns


Increase Of Opening Rates


Higher Conversion Rates Thanks To A/B Testing

With the ever-growing relevance of email marketing in e-commerce, the publisher TASCHEN was looking for assistance in creating and sending newsletter campaigns and transactional emails. Regular newsletters are intended to keep existing customers and prospects up to date. The most important thing for TASCHEN: to only send relevant content. JUNE was able to help them realize their goals and increase all KPIs. 

The Company

TASCHEN is the world's leading art book publisher. For over 40 years, TASCHEN has introduced the world to innovative illustrated books on art, architecture, design, fashion, film, lifestyle, travel, photography, and pop culture.

The Challenge

To increase its presence in customers' inboxes, TASCHEN was looking for a partner to help them create and send email campaigns. 

The Solution

With the JUNE Cloud, the TASCHEN team can send exciting content to targeted customer groups. Open rates and click-through rates have skyrocketed as a result.

'With just one tool, we create, send and analyze our email campaigns. Through simple segmentation, our subscribers only receive relevant content. We regularly run A/B tests and optimize our campaigns using analytics. This allows us to assess what is performing well with our readers and increase our open and engagement rates. JUNE has exceeded our expectations.'

Online Marketing Team, TASCHEN

The Result

TASCHEN's newsletter keeps customers and prospects up to date. TASCHEN presents new publications and provides information about exciting promotions. The publisher proves that sending only relevant content leads to higher open, click, and engagement rates. Thanks to segmentation, different customer groups with different interests could be created. 


 Furthermore, the TASCHEN team appreciates the improved deliverability of the emails. With the help of the analytics tool, campaigns are constantly optimized. In addition, A/B tests are carried out regularly. This allows the behavior and preferences of the recipients to be recorded and assessed. JUNE enables TASCHEN to constantly optimize the process. This is also reflected in all KPIs: The opening and click-through rates in particular have increased. Successes are also being achieved within the online store. By placing exciting call-to-action buttons that redirect to the online store, sales figures and turnover in the online business have also increased.

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