Ready, Set, Publish

Landing Pages


Once your landing page is tested and optimized, there is nothing to stop you from finally publishing the website. In the final steps you create a domain, choose a cloud and finally publish your work. 

How to

Publish A Website With 10 Clicks

  1. Click the admin icon in the Main Menu to open the Admin Settings.
    Tip: You must be authorized as an admin to publish websites. 
  2. Select “Hostings” at the top bar and click “Add” so that a new menu opens up. 
  3. Under Hosting, select “JUNE Cloud”. 
  4. Under Mappings, select the project you used to create and edit your website. 
  5. Now enter a name of your choice. This does not relate to the domain.
  6. You can now specify “” for testing or “custom” for an individual URL under Hosting Type.
  7. If you have selected “” as the hosting type, enter “mywebsite” in the subdomain. If you selected “custom”, enter the full URL, like “”. 
  8. In the DNS records, you can find information about connecting to JUNE with a “custom” hosting type.
  9. Click on the landing pages icon to enter the landing page menu. In the sitemap, select “Publish” as well as “Add connection” to choose the current hosting. 
  10. Finally, you are ready to click Publish. Last but not least, specify whether you want to publish the single page or related subpages.