Create Effortlessly 

Landing Pages

The Basics

Get to know the basics of the JUNE Editor to work more effectively and conveniently. Here you will not only get to know drag & drop, but also the best handling with components.

Drag & Drop

The simple drag & drop feature lets you design your landing page without any difficulties. Components are added, edited or deleted via drag & drop.


You always maintain the entire overview of the landing page structure using the Layers function on the right sidebar. All used components are listed here, similar to a family tree. 

How to

Drag & Drop

  1. Select a desired component from 'Elements' on the left sidebar.
  2. Now drag this component to a suitable position on your landing page by a continuous mouse click.
  3. As soon as the mint-colored line appears at the chosen location, you can drop the component.

Tip: You can also move components in the Layers menu and place them as you wish. The changes are immediately displayed on the landing page. 

How to

Delete Components

  1. Select a component from your landing page that is to be deleted.
  2. Now drag this component to the right side with a continuous mouse click so that two icons appear.
  3. Place your selected component on the bin icon. The component has now been deleted. 

Tip: Instead of selecting components on the landing page, you can also delete items within the Layers Menu using the same procedure.


Caution: If you delete an entire section that contains other components, all the components belonging to it will be deleted. 

How to

Duplicate Components

  1. Select a desired component to be duplicated.
  2. Now press the Shift key and place the component anywhere you want. Now release the shift key.
  3. The component is duplicated.

Tip: To place the component perfectly, open the Layers menu. Press Shift and place a component in the Layers menu. This provides a better overview for the placement.

Next Tutorial

The Layout

In the next steps, you will learn about the fundamental structure of your landing page and the essential components for its layout.