Add High Quality Images 


Images & GIFs

Improve the look of your emails with images, motion pictures, and custom icons. With the Media Library and Image Editor, you're perfectly equipped to make any photo stand out.

Media Library

Use the Media Library to import images from your desktop to the JUNE Editor. Add tags to your photos to find them faster in the future. Drag and drop the uploaded photos from the Media Library into an image component.

Image Editor

In the JUNE Editor, you can easily edit your images using the Image Editor. Click on an image of your email to open up the settings on the left side. Under 'Media' you can enter the Image Editor. Here you can set filters and change the image size.


Of course, you can also use motion pictures, so-called GIFs. GIFs are added using the same procedure as images. 

How to

Add Images & GIFs

  1. Open the Media Library and click 'Upload'.
  2. Browse through your desktop for the images or GIFs and click 'Download'.
  3. The images or GIFs are now available in the Media Library.
  4. Drag and drop a component like 'Image' or 'Image linked' to your email.
  5. Open the Media Library again and drag and drop your uploaded image or GIF onto the image component.
  6. Sizes and other changes of images can now be set up in the component settings or via Image Editor.

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