Email Tutorials

Email segmentation allows you to divide the audience of your emails into smaller groups. It is up to you to decide which strategies you want to use to segment them. The goal is to deliver more personal and relevant content to specific groups rather than a large contact list. Read about the benefits and which strategies are most worthwhile.

A Simple Start

Template Store

The Template Store is a great support for your creative work. Pre-designed templates can be installed easily. Collect inspirations and let your creativity flow.


Create Effortlessly

The Basics

Learn more about the basics from the JUNE Editor before you start designing. Here you will not only get to know drag and drop & co., but also the best handling with components.


Place Content Easily

The Content

Stay creative! Adding Google Fonts or custom fonts will make emails look visually appealing. The text editor offers easy handling for your written content. 


Add High Quality Images

Images & GIFs

Refine the look of your emails using images, motion pictures, and custom icons. With the Media Library and Image Editor, you're perfectly equipped.


Design Smoothly

The Styles

Using the Styles' menu, headlines, buttons, and colours are preset. In this way, you can pay attention to the perfect placement during the creation without losing track. 


Create Campaigns In 3 Steps

3, 2, 1 Go!

The Campaigns' module is one of the last steps before you are ready to send a newsletter. Below, you will be introduced to the most important tasks step by step. 


Save & Segment Email Addresses


In the Automation module, everything revolves around your users. Here, all email addresses are stored and segmented. Furthermore, fields can be created that make it possible to send personalized newsletters.