Facts & Figures Are Not Everything

The Internet is full of all kinds of suppliers who sell different products at different prices. The personal contact to the customer is mostly missing here. Since customers are often concerned about convenience, they search for the cheapest product, some qualitative online shops have to take failures. Read how empathy can help here and why the needs of your customers are crucial to your business.

Written by Hannah Krüger

How Empathy Makes You A Successful Salesperson

In our daily lives, we constantly strive for convenience. We prefer to drive or take the train to work instead of biking or walking. It's the same on the Internet. Through countless online stores with similar products, we can conveniently compare prices. Often, the online store that offers the product at the lowest price is chosen. Often the price factor is decisive whether a product is bought or not. Nevertheless, there are numerous other factors that influence our purchase decisions.


    How Does A Consumer Decide To Buy My Products?

    Not only the attractive price plays a major role here. Positive associations and emotions shape our decision-making processes. It can be observed that emotional stimuli in advertisements have a more purchase-promoting effect than advertisements based on rational information.


    What does this mean for my business?
    Set attractive stimuli during the buying process. A pop-up with exciting content such as new products, personal coupon codes or an invitation to local events trigger positive emotions. Confidential associations are created with the help of spontaneous actions. Such special features make you stand out from conventional online stores. It is highly likely that your customers will visit your website again after shopping.



    How Do I Create Other Positive Stimuli?

    Make your website and the entire purchase process as user-friendly and easy as possible. Even the smallest obstacle, such as not recognizing a promotional code, could cancel the purchase. Email marketing also makes an important contribution to personalized experiences for your customers.


    What does this mean for my business?

    Plan the structure and design of your website carefully. Have different testers go through the entire buying process several times to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Continue to implement emailing and send personalized emails on a regular basis. This will build a one-to-one experience. You'll build trust and look reputable along the way. Read about what to look for when crafting your emails here.



    Pay Attention To Details

    To show empathy, you need to pay attention to the details in advance. Don't just look at the open rates of your emails. Notice which countries or cities your customers are from. This way, you can email location-specific promotions, such as invitations to local events or a special coupon for the national holiday. Furthermore, pay attention to the choice of email client as well as the device and browser usage of your audience. With this information, you can technically optimize your newsletters. Also look at time: how long are my sent mails read? How long do users visit my website?


    What does this mean for my business?

    A comprehensive analytics tool that aggregates email and landing page data is an important part of constantly optimizing your business. Furthermore, it is recommended to divide your total email subscribers into smaller groups. For example, you can segment your audience by gender, location, and content preferences. By segmenting, you are able to send personalized and exciting content. With JUNE Landing Pages & Newsletter Editor, you are well-equipped: The user-friendly analysis tool helps you optimize your marketing strategies. In the Newsletter Editor, you can easily create email lists to send targeted newsletters. Read more here.



    How You Can Show Empathy

    It's especially important to not just focus on facts and figures. Show empathy by adopting the customers perspective. This will help you understand the feelings, actions, and thinking of your audience. Furthermore, it is important to understand that your customers are not homogeneous, but that behind every click and every purchase there is a human being. To achieve success, it is essential to know what your audience wants, what they expect from your website, and most importantly, what they don't want.


    What does this mean for my business?

    Not only rational facts are crucial for your business: define a concrete target group and get in touch with them. Build personal and confidential relationships through small local events. Furthermore, in the JUNE Landing Pages Editor you can include forms in your newsletters with a text field that can be used for suggestions. Adapt your content to the wishes and ideas of your clientele.



    This Is What Matters

    • Build exciting pop-ups

    • Plan regular promotions

    • Build buying processes smoothly

    • Send personalized emails

    • Optimize strategies using analytics tools

    • Segment email lists

    • Implement your customers' wishes and suggestions


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