Increase Your Email Engagement With These 5 Tips

Engagement rates give you a first insight into the success of an email campaign. Open and click rates show you how well the email was received – or not. With the following 5 tips we've collected for you, you can master the optimization of your engagement rates.

Written by Hannah Krüger

Optimize And Increase Open And Click-through Rates


What is email engagement?

Email engagement describes the interaction that occurs when a subscriber interacts with your email campaign. Email engagement thus deals with all the activities a user performs through the email campaign. 


Possible interactions:


  • Open email 
  • Read content
  • Click links 
  • Execute a CTA 

With the following 5 tips, you can increase all engagement metrics like open and click-through rates.


1. Segment customers into groups   

Instead of sending out an ad campaign that targets every customer at once, we constantly recommend segmenting customers into groups. With segmentation, you can ensure that customers receive only interesting content. After all, customers have different interests, needs, and preferences. Segment your email list by gender, age, location, buying habits, interests, or hobbies. 


With the help of segmentation, you no longer send advertising campaigns to a gray mass. Recipients receive only the emails that are tailored to them. This not only increases engagement, but also the overall success of email campaigns. 


2. Send personalized content

Segmentation is the easiest form of personalization. If you want to go a step further, we recommend personalizing content: Address your recipients by their first name and congratulate them on birthdays. Using the name within the subject line proves to be particularly successful. If the name is mentioned in the subject line, emails are opened almost 23% more often. That makes open rates look good.


3. Create exciting CTA 

To increase click-through rates, call-to-actions (CTAs) are incredibly important. They summarize the goal of the email in the form of a call to action. 


So before you create a CTA, ask yourself: What do you want the subscriber to do with the email? What is the goal of the email or ad campaign? Then formulate a call to action, preferably in the imperative. 

Possible CTAs:


  • Order Now
  • Buy Now
  • Book Now
  • Read More 
  • Register for free 
  • Start free month

Design is also important. Create a CTA in the form of a button that stands out in color, yet fits the overall look of the newsletter. Furthermore, we recommend placing the CTA button in the first third of the email so that it immediately catches the eye. 


4. Launch trigger campaigns 

Trigger campaigns can also increase the engagement of your users. Trigger campaigns send emails based on a specific trigger. For example, after a purchase in the online store, the customer receives an email with a discount code for the next order. Abandoned shopping carts can also be triggers. Here, users receive a reminder email, possibly with a small discount code. 


Since trigger campaigns are sent automatically by the defined trigger, this method saves you time and work in the long run. 



5. Testing, testing, testing

Users interact with the emails they find exciting and relevant. So find out what your subscribers like best. A/B testing helps you get to know your recipients better, so you can gauge what appeals to them and what doesn't.

You can test the following conditions:


  • Day and time of sending 
  • Frequency of sending 
  • Content and design of the emais
  • Wording 
  • Different subject lines 

Read more about A/B testing here


You can use email engagement to segment or target subscribers. For example, you can reward engaged subscribers with discount codes. At the same time, you can use special offers to motivate subscribers who have not been interacting much. 


It's easier with JUNE 

With JUNE, you can easily send personalized content. With the help of the automation tool, you can implement segmentations. You can manage your email list according to your criteria and create customer groups. All email campaigns can be sent to segmented customer groups. Furthermore, it is possible to set up trigger campaigns and perform A/B tests. We are at your side and will gladly help you with the implementation of these methods. 



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